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good Lord  
02:45pm 11/10/2010
Just stayed up until past 2:30 am reading old CTY journal entries, and remembering all the good times I had on FFXI. Damn. I lived a whole entire *life* on that game. I laughed, cried, loved and lost, had a million adventures and a million friends, wrote a lot of awful songs, died a lot, and said a LOT of immature things. In all, good times. And I'm so thankful to Nimbex and my former shellmates for keeping all my entries alive even after I left the game. <3

*raises a Galka-size keg of beer to Vana'diel and all its current and former inhabitants*
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08:57am 12/10/2010 (UTC)
There were indeed some quality adventures. And quality adventurers.
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02:58pm 12/10/2010 (UTC)
I'm sure XIV is waiting for Ghost Andfriends to show up!
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03:20pm 12/10/2010 (UTC)
Feminist, Historian, and Gamer

You'd probably never want to get into another MMO, but if you do, there's always a spot for you in the Order of the Giant Donko with me, Karlinn, Phil (a.k.a. Blaise), and Miyasha on Istory in FFXIV.

Just for giggles, I made a Linmayu during the beta and took a screenshot. I should send it your way sometime. She turned out very pretty: black hair, brown skin, purple eyes, lolpugilist. :D
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02:23am 13/10/2010 (UTC)
And don't forget the EAFD guy!!!!
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06:36pm 13/10/2010 (UTC)
I can't say that I miss the game itself -- the grind wore me down, I admit that I didn't have the stamina for it. :)

What I DO miss are a lot of the people, and the pretty pretty kitties. It was a blast getting Ailuren her racial armor.

Good times. :)
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10:21pm 14/10/2010 (UTC)
The Windy Wanderer
I miss mah Linmayu! *hugs*
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