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08:50pm 26/06/2010
To the Straight Guy at the Party Last Night
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Regarding the BP spill, and a simple spiritual action you can take  
04:57pm 29/05/2010
I received this in my email today, forwarded from my future boss. It originated from Shawn Gallaway, an amazing shaman, healer, musician, and loving spirit who has chosen to live a life of love and healing.

Please read and see if any of this resonates with you.Collapse )
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the blog I actually update  
01:17am 26/05/2010
Crazy, introspective shit, intended to awaken consciousness, that might actually go somewhere interesting and useful by the time the year's up:

The Year of Living Authentically
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The view from my bedroom window  
09:31pm 30/04/2010
Ahhh, springtime. The snow has finally melted, the birds are singing, and love is in the air.


Wait, what?

mood: amused
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Happy Easter!  
05:54pm 04/04/2010
Christ is risen--and He is WITH US. In every moment. Whether we believe in Him or not. And every day of the year, not just on Easter.

There's no magic formula, ritual, or prayer that is necessary to enter into His presence. You don't have to believe, be a Christian, be baptized, or even be "saved." Anyone can talk to God anytime, about any problem going on in their life, and receive truth, comfort, and the solution to the problem. No one outside of you has a direct line to God that you don't also have.

I don't think I can put it any more plainly than that.
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Animals are smart, and I'm lucky my sisters still let me live here  
08:59pm 03/04/2010
The Scene: In the kitchen at my house, looking out the window

bob_artist: Dude there's a big fat rabbit outside!
linmayu Wow, that rabbit makes Elmer look skinny! And HEY, this is really important: it's springtime now and you know what that means? There are going to be dicks on the trees soon!
frooti (thinking): WTF!
bob_artist (thinking): WTF!
Rabbit: [runs like hell]

True story.

I will provide photographic evidence of the dicks when they arrive.
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My journal will be an unreadable mess for a while  
11:24am 31/01/2010
Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.
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If you feel moved to donate to help the people in Haiti  
11:24pm 15/01/2010
here are some easy ways to do it. If not, then back to your regularly scheduled friends page.Collapse )
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1k tnl  
02:57am 01/01/2010
Going off to Western Altepa Desert Sedona, AZ to level up my Monk get certified to teach yoga! :D
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Couldn't resist  
03:58pm 24/12/2009
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